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Latest News Brief: Susanne Spirit Will Continue To Entertain USA And Canadian Truckers At The TravelCenter East Location In Ontario California. Get Directions. 2011 Promises To Be An Exciting Year For The Love Tour RoadShow, And Musical Truckin' Dogs Adoption Program, Held Every Tuesday, Adoptions Begin At Noon, The Celebration Concerts Begin At Six P.M.

July 27th 2011Inland Empire Walmart Stores Unite To Support Susanne Spirit's Musical Truckin' Dogs Adoption Program, And Love Tour Concerts, Uhaul learned of our storage and trailer needs and offered assistance, due to their strong passion for sheltered dogs. Country Pride Restaurant At The TA-East In Ontario Ca. Has Placed Our Love Tour And Musical Truckin' Dogs Adoption Program Newsletter Into Each Menu. When we told Best Golf Carts Inc. Who Is Closely Involved With Heart's Desire Equine Rescue, Inc. That We Truly Needed A Cart To Offer Courtesy Transportation At The TA-East Location For Our Adopters, Both Came Forward With A Great Golf Cart To Meet Our Needs, Horse Lovers Really Should Connect With This Equine Rescue. Our Special Thanks To Each And Every One Of These Folks.

June 1st. 2011 The Success Of The Musical Truckin' Dogs Adoption Program has Created The Need For Two New Websites.

Musical Truckin Dogs Musical Dogs

June 15th 2011 The Susanne Spirit Musical Truckin Dogs Blog Page Formerly Online At InlandSocal.Com Has Unfortunately Been Removed, The Pet Channel Of The Press Enterprise Had To Close Their Doors Due To Funding Issues, Please Visit The Websites Above To Find All The Archived Adoption Stories And Videos.

June 21st 2011 Ms. Susanne Spirit is presently composing a musical score for two motion picture projects, "The Proud Breed" based on the novel by Celeste DeBlasis and "The Life of Galileo" based on the Bertolt Brecht play.

June 25th 2011 Truckers Appreciation Season, September - December 2011. Miss Spirit and the Travel Centers of America will again this year reach out to as many Drivers as possible to give away CD'S, t-shirts, autographs and of course play a few songs for her supporters. Last year Miss Spirit gave away over 5000 CD'S and Hats while playing in concert.

June 27th 2011 Susanne Spirit's sweet country blues Music is now available for downloading at many of your favorite digital distribution sites including the newest site, If you have a favorite download Site you use, just type in Susanne Spirit, you will most likely find her music there.

UCLA'S School of Theatre, Film and Television
Reviews Susanne's Spirit (95') hot new CD.

Point of View Magazine

ASCAP "Peter Filichia"
"Personal Memo"
Susanne how lovely of you to share your music with me! "I look forward to shaking hands with you one day, and to sitting fourth row on the aisle of that musical you'll someday write."

"Matt Forger's opinion"
Greenland Global News Letter
Quote: "I Listened to your new CD while driving, it seemed fitting for the title " I Love My Truck Driv'in Man"." It definetly is keeping in tradition with the great country female artist's"." Patsy, Loretta, Dolly, and it's true to the country style". "Great job".

If you are interested in Booking Ms. Susanne Spirit And The Greenland Holler Band, Or Would Like To Get Involved In Her Musical Truckin Dogs Adoption Program, As A Sponsor, Volunteer Etc. Please Contact Greenland Global.

Mail: Greenland Global Entertainment
19414 Dry Gulch Road
The South Forty Estate
Corona, CA 92881
Phone; (951) 279-1134
Fax; (951) 279-1135

On behalf of Ms. Spirit, we here at Greenland Global Entertainment look forward to working with you or your company. Please feel free to submit by fax or e-mail any proposals, contracts, etc. Have a Great Day!!

Press Reviews

Susanne Spirit" Receives "Ascapplus Award Seven Years In A Row 2004-2011.

"UCLA Alumni Periodical magazine announces Susanne Spirit's Internationally acclaimed debut album" Love My Truck Driv'in Man" UCLA Alumni Periodical.

Her tours all over the US and performances in southern California have won her devoted fans, awards, and, as she says, “How great I get to earn a living, speak from my heart, and people listen and enjoy my soul’s words and music.” As for her audience, the truckers of America, these men and women work hard out there, and everything we wear, eat or drink is delivered to us by these folks who sacrifice so much, but most of all their own families.

For that, Susanne says, “ I love them. They are honest and hard workers giving anyone the shirt off their back. I hope my music helps in their journey to find a few moments of peace.” Susanne’s show on the road, LOVE TOUR, 2005 – 2011, is put together with all her theatre experience. She holds a degree in music, then, she accomplished getting degrees in Theatre and Film Producing from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, Television and Digital Media from the UCLA School of Fine Arts.

Susanne is now the President of the UCLA Inland Empire Bruins Alumni Association of the Inland Empire, which consists of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Her accomplishments are many, her dreams even more.

"Barbara Cloyd host of "Writers Night" @ Blue bird cafe' reviews
E-mail communication quote.
"Barbara Cloyd" Reviews "Susanne Spirit's" new song "Honky Tonk'in Down The Highway" from the C.D. "I Love My Truck Driv'in Man". Ms. Sprit's debut CD.( Quote from Barbara Cloyd.)

" I really enjoyed the traditional feel to the music of this one. You really brought the characters to life. I loved all the pictures you painted, especially about the other girls he just winks at"