What a concept! Get in the car and go get married. “Bet on Love” Yes, love is a gamble, and the way this song puts it all together, has always made me giggle. “Hey, baby, let’s GO to Vegas!!!!”

As you all know, beautiful Faith Hill made this fun loving Karen Staley song (Ms. Staley wrote it) a major hit. The first time I heard this song, I loved it; and I had to learn it to sing out. In performing I believe that people want to be entertained, especially when you are playing in clubs, at concerts, or I guess anywhere for that matter. Everyone gets dressed up, spends money, and thinking a little about romance. So, for me, as an entertainer, I want people to laugh, dance and get away from all the daily stresses each one of them has probably had. This song accomplished all the above, and more. I sing this song, and the entire audience suddenly smiles. The words and music create magic and laughter.

In researching Karen Staley, Michael and I found her to be fascinating. We were not aware of all of her accomplishments. She has penned over 1,000 songs, won many, many awards, has her own albums, and created several hits for artists Faith Hill, Tracy Byrd, Suzy Bogess, Glen Campbell, Patti Loveless, Leann Rimes, Kathy Mattea, Terri Clark, Trick Pony, George Jones, etc. Ms. Staley writes for the ballet as well. Her work is that of a real artist. We think it would be very interesting for anyone to take the time and look her up on the web. If you have an extra minute or two, just type in Faith Hill or Karen Staley on your Google search, hit enter, and look at these sites. Faith Hill’s talent, gentle heart, and beauty are endless.

Our research started as a mundane task to be completed “in the name of work” which was to figure out how to get permission to record and print the lyrics to this great song I wanted in my collection. We hate that word “work”!!!! But, our days begin at 6AM, ending late at night with a little play in between – you already figured that fact out. We also tend to our garden, home, family and our “south forty” land. Michael made us a “HOME,” or better known as “Our Little Love Castle,”( also now one of my newest songs-wait until you hear it!.) Yet, anyway, as we went on this adventure, we found so much information about Karen Staley and her music, and Faith Hill, that the process of exploring and gathering information became light and truly an enjoyable experience.

Thank you Faith Hill and Karen Staley for your talents, your generosity to life with your works, and the graciousness that each of you give this world. You are both truly beautiful. Check out their sites at www.karenstaley.com and www.faithhill.com

Love, Susanne

Photos arranged and taken by: Michael Twamley

Music and Lyrics by Karen Staley © 1993 Sony/ATV Songs LLC and All Over Town Music. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved.

Performance and Production by Susanne Spirit © 2004
From the SUSANNE SPIRIT CD “Love My Truck Driv’in Man.”
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