This song was written by W.S. Stevenson and Eddie Miller. What a darling song! Patsy Cline recorded it which is where I heard it, on an old cassette of hers that someone gave me. It is our understanding that she recorded this song in 1966. Anyway, remember I come from a theatre background.

This little ditty tells such an adorable and truthful story. From the moment I heard it, I immediately reversed the cassette and learned the song right then and there. I could “act” singing this tale. One could develop in presentation a character instantly. I became this little charming princess, this little tease, sweet, alluring and cute girl, as I would present this song in club after club or concerts. People would come up to me and say, “Did you write that song?? No, I would say, but that I heard it listening to a Patsy Cline song collection. And each person would go, “No way, I never heard that song.” So, then I came up with the idea to really use this adorable song to work the audience even more. I would say, before I would sing it, that the first person to know who made this song a hit, would get a free cassette or CD of mine, or sometimes even a drink from the bar, except for anyone who had already won my contest previously. I had to be careful there. But I have had such fun doing this whole deal with this one little song.


Patsy Cline, bless her heart and her talent. Her pain, I have always understood! And, just like the rest of the world, Michael and I love her music. In all my years of singing, I always do at least one and probably two of her songs at each performance or concert.

My Mom’s favorite song was “Crazy.” When I first started singing my country music which was saying yes to my Mom, our way of communicating, so we could be together, that I would come sing at a club near where she lived. And, I would sing all the songs that my Mom cherished like Crazy, For The Good Times,” Walking After Midnight,” ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night,” “Your Cheating Heart,” “You Are My Sunshine” and a lullaby that she had sang to me when I was a baby, and this song, “I Love You Honey.” Through these songs my Mom and I found peace. She would sit in the audience and cry. And here I would be, holding the sheet music in the beginning of this country music career, and praying that the band would keep going if I made a mistake. It was funny, you had to be there. But my Mom was proud and happy. When she died, I sang all these same songs, plus one I wrote for her, at her death bed and at her funeral. That was my gift to her and hers to me. Music walked me through the loss, and kept us together. In fact, I even put copies of the lyrics to these songs, and Sinatra’s song, “My Way.” (I never did learn that song for her) in her casket. I was very busy, wasn’t I ???? You should have seen what all I put in her casket: pictures, dolls, clothes, letters, etc. I did not want her to get lonely or bored. I wanted to have her long, long beautiful hair cut, so I could keep it, but I was sort of afraid she might get a bit upset over that idea. So, I let her rest in peace with her hair, my love, and these songs.

Knowing the power that a song can give in one’s life, has kept my own pursuit of the words and music I write. As one day, my hopes are that if one of my life’s experiences or songs could touch someone in a memorable way, my passion will be fulfilled.

May your hearts be filled with fond memories and that joy and happiness might continue to flourish for you in this sometimes unsettled world. Check out www.patsycline.com and these songwriters, W.S. Stevenson and Eddie Miller, as well. Have a beautiful day! And God Bless You!

Love to All of You!!

Susanne Spirit

Photos arranged and taken by: Michael Twamley
Love You Honey
Love Your Money
Most Of All!!

Music and Lyrics by Eddie Miller and W.S. Stevenson © 1982 Sony/ATV Songs LLC. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved.

Performance and Production by Susanne Spirit © 2004
From the SUSANNE SPIRIT CD “Love My Truck Driv’in Man.”

Produced by Michael Twamley

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